Executive Coaching

Many people wish that life was easier, and only if, then they would be more successful.  Easier does not make you successful, more skills and being stronger makes you more successful.  Do highly successful people get to where they are because they didn’t have problems?  Or was it the case that they've found ways to solve them? 

In that context, you may find a better understanding of the familiar phrase “You should see your problems as opportunities”.  Opportunities to grow, opportunities to succeed, opportunities to be the best you can be.  

On a human level, the biggest limitation or advantage to any organisation's growth is the growth of its Leaders and Management.  It is the mind-set which makes people and those organisations highly successful, and I am here to help you cultivate it.  

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
— Jim Rohn

benefits of Executive Coaching can be felt by AN entire organisation AND it usually starts with a single Individual.

Thanks to Executive coaching you can expect to:

  • Become more effective & empower others to take action,
  • Earn respect of your staff, colleagues, superiors and clients,
  • Earn the right to lead, 
  • Increase your Productivity & Improve Time Management,
  • Achieve Desired Promotions,
  • Increase your Earnings & Benefits, 
  • Learn Effective Conflict Resolution,
  • Improve your Public Speaking & Presentations,
  • Enjoy Improved Awareness, Focus & Concentration,
  • Apply Alternative Perspective by use of Abstract thinking,
  • Identify and overcome Beliefs which may be holding you back,
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence & Empathy,
  • Increase Self-Esteem and Reduce Stress,
  • Benefit from having a Luxury of speaking openly in strict Confidence,
  • Address any Personal Issues which might be hindering your performance: relationships, family, addictions, illness, grief. 
  • Enjoy Increased Health & Vitality.


Where do we start?

We will start by identifying where you are and where you want to be.  Together we will design a map for you to get there and I will assist you every step of the way until you develop the mind-set, awareness, skills and an unstoppable drive.  To ensure you are making measurable progress, coaching direction and tempo will vary depending on your individual challenges, needs and goals. 

Effectiveness & Duration

You will notice improved effectiveness from the first session and for some Clients this is all they require.  Coaching duration will vary, this will depend on your level of commitment and desire to achieve your goals.  There are those who just require a gentle nudge and those who require more.

Call to action

Contact me today to discuss your needs and requirements in more detail.


"The subject of business skills development has never been a stranger to me, but thanks to the sessions with Jack I became aware of what I want to accomplish both in my personal and professional life.  In addition, I learned how to communicate effectively, manage time and how to balance work and life. Thanks to that, I became more productive, able to express myself clearly, have more energy and willingness to act.  Despite being the newest member of the team I earned the promotion and pay raise I was aiming for in pursuit of someday running this corporation. Thank you for your support!"
Aga - Financial Controller, Poland

"I used to struggle with people management and that really kept me from getting the promotion I wanted.  Thanks to Jack I have overcome my challenges and I acquired new people skills which allowed me to make significant advances in my career in a very short period of time.  Thank you Jack!"
Margaret - Director, UK

"I never realised how crucial emotional management is to successful financial trading.  To my surprise I saw a substantial improvement in my trade record just after a few coaching sessions with Jack." 
Brad - Financial Trader, USA